Friday, May 21, 2010

Rinsing after tooth extraction??

Hi guys

My dad recently had a tooth extracted and was told he couldn't rinse his mouth even with water, was bleeding a lot so had to keep spitting out the blood all the way home (sorry to be grim).

Does this sound right to anyone, I can't believe it myself, dentist didn't explain why and was quite arrogant.

Advice appreciated

thanks x

Rinsing after tooth extraction??
It's probably so he will form a clot. I think he can rinse, just have him do it gently. Also like the other person suggested use warm salt water--%26gt; 1/2 tsp. salt to 1 c. warm water.
Reply:thats sounds absurd, when i got my tooth extracted for braces y dentist just said do what you normally do rinse etc.

i'm pretty sure he can rinse with water but you could also try mouth wash
Reply:to stop the bleeding use a tea bag, i have used that several times from my dentist. And he always told me to rinse with salted water. Works well.
Reply:You're not to rinse briskly, a slow swish over the extraction hole with warm, salty water is best. He's also not to use a straw for the next several days (the pressure will remove the clot from the plugged hole) or eat anything hard.

Is my reaction to tooth extraction normal? & what happens with a bridge?

i had a tooth next to the front teeth removed yesterday as it got broken and was loose. it was very quick and i didnt feel it. but my gum and the teeth surrounding are saw. there also feels to be a 'bubble' in the gap, if you know what i mean. im a complete idiot %26amp; wuss and daren't look in the mirror. it doesnt hurt alot. but i wondered if this was normal and how long the sawness would last.

also, in about 4-6 weeks im going back to have a bridge fixed, but what does this actually entail?

Is my reaction to tooth extraction normal? %26amp; what happens with a bridge?
A bubble in the gap? Maybe just a blood clot? Whatever, it is not likely to be of concern

The wound will take more than 4-6 weeks to heal fully. It would be OK to get a *temporary* bridge at that stage, but a *permanent* replacement should be delayed for about 12 weeks. If you make a permanent bridge too soon before healing is complete, then a gap will later appear under the new bridge. Not very attractive.
Reply:The "bubble" sounds like a blood clot, try to aviod drinking anything hot, as this will encourage the clot to bleed and if you do feel any discomfort just take your normal pain killers, dont take Asprins as these thin the blood and will also encourage bleeding.

The sawness should ease within the next couple of days, washing out your mouth will a small glass of warm salty water will help keep your mouth clean and wash out any debris which may gather in the socket of the extracted tooth.

As for the Bridge, this procedure is pretty simple, the dentist will drill down the opposing teeth and take a mould of your upper/lower jaw, this is then sent away to a lab and returns about a week-2 weeks later when the dentist fits it.

It's not as bad as it sounds and you'll be fine, good luck!
Reply:It does take time for your mouth to heal and will feel "funny" Remember to gently rinse your mouth out after eating. A bridge is what it says 2 anchors either side of gap and a "tooth" in the middle.An impression will be taken of your mouth and this will be sent away ,made in to a model of your mouth with a type of plaster,then your bridge will be modelled on the plaster model of your mouth for a good fit.

Pain and process of a tooth extraction?

I know you get administered with local anesthesia, but I am still worried about getting a permanent tooth extracted (I'm only 15) and a baby tooth extracted, which doesn't have a permanent tooth under it and isn't loose. I'm not worried about the pain of the needle, but I'm scared about if loosening my permanent tooth and pulling it out will actually hurt even with it numb. I wasn't so scared at first but I asked my mom and she said that the numbing doesn't help.

Pain and process of a tooth extraction?
First off you need to ask your dentist any questions you might have. I had a molar extracted last year.I'll go over the process:first they will call you back to the room,second the dentist will come in with the numbing shot,next the dentist will inject you with the numbing cream after that you will have to wait about 5 minutes while the numbing medicine takes effect,after that the dentist will get these type of forceps and gently start to apply pressure then he/she will put more and more pressure until the tooth comes out but at the same time he will rock it back and forth.Then the dentist will do the same to the other tooth but I am not sure if he will have to give you two shots.After he has pulled out both teeth you will have to hold gauze on both places where the teeth where.After a while they will stop bleeding and you may be having some discomfort so you can take some Advil ibuprofen etc....

I hope all goes well!!!!
Reply:The numbing absolutely helps. I didn't feel a thing when I had a tooth extracted.

Are you sure you heard your mom right?
Reply:The local anaesthesia should be effective if the dentist is doing her job properly. You'll probably only feel some tugging. It'll be important that you discuss this with her before the procedure, she should help remove your fears!

Dentists have also been known to inject more anaesthesia during the procedure if needed, so if you feel pain be sure to shout out, but I don't think I need to tell you that!

What's more likely is that you'll have some discomfort afterwards, so painkillers will be needed then.
Reply:I have had a lot of teeth out, and if you have an injection it is really quick and easy and doesn't hurt. It is easier than having a filling.
Reply:The numbing helps! I have had 2 teeth pulled. It is not bad. It might be a little tender after, so take some Aleve or Tylno--sp? LOLl!
Reply:when i had mine token out, (i had to get 4 out, but my dentist only took 2 out at a time) i honestly didn't feel a thing. i didn't even know he pulled it out. you'll just feel some tugging and pulling and that's it. no pain.

After a tooth extraction when can i drink?

I have just had an infected tooth pulled out. When can I drink some water?

After a tooth extraction when can i drink?
You can drink right after the extraction, avoid drinking with a straw as resulting pressure tend to dislodge the clot which is necessary for healing.
Reply:You can drink water right away. Just stay away from using straws for a few days.
Reply:you can drink right away, i was eating chinese food and pizza about a our after i got 4 wisdom teeth pulled. I experienced no pain at all.

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Anyone ever had complications after tooth extraction like damage & extraction of other teeth?

I had ma upper tooth extracted 3 weeks ago %26amp; now the one next to it is sensative %26amp; hurts when biting on %26amp; taping, dentist say this also might need to be extracted but its no abcess or anything so what kind of damage is it that it has be taken out, anyone?

Anyone ever had complications after tooth extraction like damage %26amp; extraction of other teeth?
The dentist can often leverage on that remaining tooth in the removal of another tooth. The will cause swelling of the ligament and pain to pressure . I would give the area a little time before you make another extraction appointment. (6 weeks minimum for the internal swelling to go down) The other thing that happens, is all of the biting pressure that used to be shared by two teeth is now all coming down on one tooth. This can piss off the tooth. Ask your dentist to check and adjust the bite on the remaining tooth to see if that calms down the ligament.

Good luck
Reply:Certainly damage can be done to an adjacent tooth while a tooth is being extracted. As the dentist is trying to loosen the tooth, he/she must try not to put pressure on the adjacent tooth. Also, any fillings on an adjacent tooth can be inadvertently loosened or broken .

You say this tooth is not abscessed or anything. Has there been any bone lost around the tooth? Gum disease and loss of bone support can result in the loss of a perfectly healthy tooth.

Upper front tooth extraction?

Where does the dentist give the shot at to numb the area when having an upper front tooth extracted?

Upper front tooth extraction?
It will probably be a palatal injection-the roof of your mouth. Maybe one above the tooth.

Bleeding after tooth extraction?

I had a wisdom tooth at the top right taken out yesterday morning, and by and large everything has been fine.

My only concern is that the gum is still bleeding, albeit very very little. If I spit into the sink, there's a tiny amount of blood there. I can't taste blood in my mouth, nor is any visible when I open wide and take a look.

How long does this kind of bleeding continue, and is there a point at which I should be worried?

Bleeding after tooth extraction?
Dont panic, this is fairly common after having an extraction, when your tooth is extracted a blood clot forms over the socket, if you drink anything hot it will disturb the clot and bleeding will occur, bear in mind that the blood will mix with your own saliva and this will make it look as though there is a lot more blood.

If this continues try placing a bit of wet kitchen towel over the socket, this will soak up any blood, dont use cotton wool as this will get stuck in the socket and can be messy and unpleasant.

If you have serious blood loss contact the dentist and he/she will check that everything is OK.